I went along to a focus group hosted by Britain’s favourite chocolate pud maker, Gü. Perceived by most Brits as somewhat of a luxury brand, Gü offer a range of over 20 choccy-packed products as well as their fruit range Frü, which carries approximately 7 different products. That’s a pretty hefty market presence, no? A brand that has become so popular, that has captivated the nation solely through word-of-mouth, a few adverts in foodie magazines and just a single tv commercial… A brand that is the front-runner when it comes to providing ready to eat and partially-ready chocolate desserts to a nation of grateful chocolate lovers and lazy pud-eaters.


Shocked? Yes, I was too. The focus group was actually fun until this point in the evening. I cannot believe that our hard earned pounds still don’t seem to be enough to secure us free-range eggs and even worse, there is nothing to tell you on ANY of their packaging that you are, essentially, consuming eggs from battery hens! Now I know lots of people may not care about this, but let me just remind you of just SOME of the conditions that battery hens live in;

- No natural daylight most of the time
- Hens kept in ridiculously overcrowded pens
- Often, dead hens go unnoticed and can remain amongst healthy hens for days
- Without free range, hens get no space to roam free & remain stressed most of the time, unhealthy and often injured/sick until they die
- Quality of eggs can be affected if the hens that produce your eggs are mixed in with other sick/dead hens

IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT TO EAT? Or even worse, what you are happy to feed to your kids? At the very least, we should be made aware that Gü does not contain free-range eggs and then (and only then) can you make an informed decision about whether or not you are happy with the ingredients of what you feed yourself and family. For the hefty price tags that we pay, we should be getting top quality ingredients throughout, good chocolate alone is not enough! One reason I was given for their inability to use free-range eggs was “Well we tried using it for our chocolate souffle, but the free-range egg wouldn’t rise!” Um, hello? Ever tried adjusting the volume of baking powder? If every other cook on the planet (including myself) can make the same thing using free-range eggs, then there is no excuse!

What are you thoughts on this subject? I am curious to know what people think and whether you are shocked about this information? All invited guests in the focus group were definitely shocked about it!